24 Hour Service

We pride ourselves in providing a genuine 24 hour, 365 day call out service.

Whilst we would like to be able to quote our customers guaranteed minimum arrival times, the vagaries of the Scottish weather and our road network would soon make a mockery of this.

Calls during peak traffic are clearly going to take longer to attend than those occurring at other times of the day. Parking our vehicles is also becoming more difficult particularly in inner city areas.

Green Button

We are aware that almost every lift breakdown is an emergency in the eyes of our customers. However, we need to be practical here. It is our policy to give priority to emergencies such as trapped passengers, disabled access lifts or lifts in hospitals and nursing homes.

At times our engineer may be in a poor reception area - always leave a message on the system and keep on trying the number: 07973 836514. We will pick up your message and respond.