Gem Lift Services Ltd. was established in Scotland 1988 by the current managing director Gerry Wallace.

We are conveniently located in Stepps in the north east of Glasgow where, unlike most of our competitors, we operate an engineering workshop. This gives us the facility to quickly turn around a variety of mechanical and electrical repairs in house which would otherwise have to be sent to a third party vendor, thus benefiting our customers in reduced costs and lift down time.

Elevator Buttons

Lift Installation

Ranging from budget priced lifts to lifts built with the highest quality materials and components, we supply and install lifts from manufacturers in the UK and throughout Europe. All are fully compliant with the relevant standards - read more >

Disabled Sign

Disabled Access

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 is law and applies to all new and existing passenger lifts. This minefield of legislation depends on many factors and we can advise on a route to modify all lifts, ensuring that these standards are met - read more >

Lift Door Mechanism

Maintenance Services

Our routine maintenance plans provide a pro-active approach designed to foresee and prevent problems arising, increasing reliability, safety and the life span of your lift by detecting problems and advising on any course of action required - read more >