Gem Lifts are aware of the need to continue to develop our services with respect to our customer’s needs. We are able to supply and maintain the latest technologically advanced equipment. Conversely our lengthy experience means that we also have the skills to maintain and upgrade older equipment which cannot easily be modernised to today’s standards.

In this way we are able to provide bespoke solutions to our customers individual needs. We also continue to provide installation services for other lift companies.


Refurbishment work forms a major part of our business. Because we work with and listen closely to our customers, we have often been able to modify lifts to current standards when other companies have recommended complete replacement.

It is common knowledge that there is a skill shortage nowadays. We regard it as a moral duty to pass on knowledge. To this end, we continue to provide formal apprenticeships coupled with in house training. This ensures that we can maintain the highest standards of service for our customers.