Upgrading & Refurbishment

Many older lifts, which have reached or are approaching the end of their serviceable life, can be given a new lease of life by refurbishment.

There are generally two aims to this:

  • To improve the reliability and extend the useful life of the lift and apply current safety and technical standards

  • To enhance the comfort and improve the appearance and user friendliness of the lift

Often the owner is not aware of the particular technical demise of his lift, but can only see the wear and tear on the external finishes.

The degree to which of these works is required in any particular lift is only ascertainable after a thorough inspection by a competent experienced person. We are always pleased to give impartial advice at no cost.

Should a more detailed survey and report be required, we will advise on the extent and cost of this. More often than not, where there is a charge, this is deducted from any order you may place