New Passenger Lifts

New Passenger lifts must meet today’s strict standards in order to be certifiable. This starts at the design stage and continues throughout its installation so that you are assured of a quality item which when properly maintained, will continue to provide you with reliable and safe service.

From the early stages of planning, we advise you on the exact dimensions you need for a standard range of lifts.

Man walking past elevators

If you have space restrictions we recommend the most appropriate model. We also consider the needs of your building or business in order to provide you with the most economical solution.

The finish on a passenger lift is greatly a matter of taste and suitability for the location. Stainless steel is ever popular and is available in many finishes.

New designs in concealed lighting in the lift car along with liquid crystal or L.E.D. floor display units and elaborate car and landing call stations go a long way to enhance the lift in any building.

Modern buildings with open stairwells or free wall space offers the possibility of glass hoist-ways and/or lift car enclosures, known as Scenic Lifts or Wall Climbers.